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Lydia Barclay ceramics

I am an artist based in Surrey, UK creating handmade contemporary ceramics with a nature inspired minimal design.

Welcome to my site, here you can find images of my work. Click on the links to view a Gallery and below for more information. Work is available to buy from me directly or through ETSY and other stockists. The online Shop is in the planning phase so please Contact me directly or use ETSY if you are interested in buying. If you have an enquiry, comment or wish to leave feedback please use the Contact page.

Please also check the Events page to see where you can see my work.

Instagram is where to see my latest work and what I am up to currently.

Thank you, Lydia

I am interested in the balance between purely decorative and functional ware and make a range of vases, bowls and boxes inspired by my domestic and local environment. My forms are soft, rounded, tactile and pleasing to hold.

I make vessels with porcelain, by hand-building and using press moulds I have cast myself.

I love the feel and look of unglazed porcelain and use glaze only occasionally to contrast with the matt smooth surface of the fired clay body. The second firing ensures my work is watertight and functional.

Because my work is handmade I allow any subtle making lines to be seen and felt as they are part of the integrity of the object and make each piece unique.

Colour is an important part of my work used sparingly to enhance the whiteness of the porcelain. I decorate my pieces using coloured slip inlay or black underglaze.

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